Farms are the only manner which investor can acquire $LSHARE.

Roaring Lions native farms are held on Aequinox Exchange (our official DEX partner). Aequinox is a Balancer Dex which lets Roaring Lion offer new Liquidity Pool Ratio for its farms. Which makes Roaring Lion the first Seigniorage protocol to offer new LP ratio to save its investors from Impermanent Loss.

Farms will continue rewarding $LION despite the TWAP unlike boardroom/lionsden.

There are two farms investor can participate in to earn $LSHARE -

  • LION-DAI LP (70/30) to earn $LSHARE

  • LSHARE-DAI-LION LP (40/30/30) to earn $LSHARE

  • xLION to earn $LSHARE

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