xLION is illiquid and cannot be redeemed back into LION at any point. Please understand this means it is a sunk cost as of right now. We will potentially be offering a liquid pair.


xLION is an illiquid asset that will provide new utility to the WLRS token. xLION will launch at a 1:1 mint rate(1 LION will mint 1 xLION) and will logarithmically go up in index(exchange rate for LION/xLION) based on total supply of xLION. For example minting 1 xLION will cost 1 LION today but in 1 month it could cost 1.3 LION for each xLION to be minted. This paired with the burn feature should cause price appreciation to WLRS over time. This means early adopters will be able to get a better exchange rate for the new token and there xLION value would increase over time as the exchange rate goes up.


Minting xLION will be available through a DAPP located on our main webpage. Allocations for each LION minted into xLION can be found below:

  • 25% of LION is burned

  • 75% is sent to gauges (reward contract)


As an xLION holder you will now be able to enter the xLION farm via Roaring Lion farm for LSHARE. This will be the HEAVIEST allocated farm for the foreseeable future. It is important that we make sure risk are met with equal reward and Roaring Lion feels this to be a perfect balance for adopters of this new token.


Now that we have a new heavily allocated farm we need to address the 75% of LION now in a reward contract. Starting at the launch of xLION we will now heavily reduce allocations to the LSHARE/DAI pool giving it minimal allocations to offer a new reward pool for LSHARE/DAI holders to gain from the new xLION minters via the LION in the reward contract. This will be a permanent pool. This now means LSHARE holders will always have a way to earn LION no matter market conditions.


The purpose of xLION is to give permanent utility to LION and the entire ecosystem by the below benefits:

  • LION now has value to become the highest allocated pool by minting into xLION

  • xLION index in constant rise means there is always no better time to mint in then right now giving positive price action to LION along with a permanent supply decrease

  • LSHARE/DAI pool will now constantly yield LION and as a holder of this LP it will be extremely beneficial allowing users to compound early LION into xLION again completing the loop.

  • LSHARE can now gain LION from boardroom and when its not printing there is now oppurtunity to still yield.

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