🖨️LIONSDEN (boardroom)

Boardroom is where $LION is distributed to all the stakers.

When the TWAP of $LION is >1.01, the boardroom/lionsden distributes $LION every epoch to the stakers based on the predetermined emissions rate, which is based on the supply. These rewards are distributed to everyone who has staked their $LSHARE/DAI LP in the boardroom/lionsden.

  • Epoch duration: 6 hours.

  • Stake of $LSHARE/DAI LP into Boardroom will lock $LSHARE/DAI LP for 8 epochs (48 hours).

  • Reward lockup 4 epoch. However, every time a user claims rewards or stakes more funds, the unstake lockup will be reset to 8 epochs (48 hours).

  • You can not claim rewards during contraction or upcoming contraction phase.

  • During the expansion phase (LION TWAP >= 1.001 USDC.e): Up to 2.0% / 4.0% supply is minted and distributed:

40% to Boardroom 40% to DAO Fund 10% to Insurance Fund 10% to Development & Marketing.

There is a 2% tax fee per stake. The unstake fee is 0% during expansion, and 5% on contraction period. These fees will be used to buy back LION (to Insurance Fund).

Orientation to Boardroom Staking

Epoch number refers to the current epoch in which Roaring Lion protocol is in.

  1. Next Seigniorage indicates a countdown timer to the next epoch. (Each epoch duration lasts for 6 hours)

  2. APR refers to the simple returns in USD value relative to the amount of LP staked (USD value)

Note: APR fluctuates from time to time and is dependent on certain factors such as: - Price of LION - Price of LSHARE - Amount of LP staked in Boardroom (Locked Value)

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