🦁Roaring Lion

First Toxic Deer fork on BSC pegged to the price of DAI

Inspired by the success and sustainability of the ToxicDeer model, as well fluid economy algorithmic stablecoins such as Serenity Capital comes Roaring Lion, an algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the price of 1 DAI via seigniorage on the BSC network.

The algorithm helps to increase the supply in event of the deflationary tendency or reduce the supply in event of a decline in purchasing power of the LION token. Therefore, the supply and demand of the LION are balanced by the algorithm and arbitraged by investors which helps to maintain its peg to 1 DAI in the long run. About

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The Roaring Lion financial ecosystem consists of 4 tokens

  • LION Algorithmic token pegged to 1 DAI

  • LSHARE Which grants investors ownership of LION expansion

  • LBOND Which can be acquired by burning LION in contraction phase and redeemed for LION at a premium during expansion

  • xLION an illiquid asset that will provide new utility to the LION token.


The information provided herein is NOT FINANCIAL ADVISE. Do your due diligence before investing, about the protocol as well as risk management strategies. Investing in DeFi can result in monetary loss. By using Roaring Lion you agree that the Roaring Lion team is not responsible for any financial losses you may incur, nor can we guarantee returns now or in the future.

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